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What to say....well, I am a traditional artist, preferring watercolor pencils and wood burning. Sometimes I like to mix the two =) I am not the greatest but I have improved a lot over the years.

Aliehs Slade is my fursona, so you guessed it...I like to draw "animal people" =D

Art is something I enjoy very much, and what I consider to be my only real talent. I am painfully shy and have a bit of social anxiety when around large groups of people but I am always open and willing to make new acquaintances!

Aside from art, I greatly enjoy watching movies, anime, and listening to music.

Favorite Artist: :iconarphalia:…
(My greatest influence in the furry world and still favorite artist to this day.)

My Pyro God:…
(His pyrography is beyond exceptional.)

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Mon Jun 23, 2014, 11:06 AM
The day has finally come! I will be employed again =D

To make a long story short for those of you who think they missed something, since May of last year I was forced into a year of unemployment in exchange for buying our first house. Since this is now June (almost the end really) I have been able to apply at places, but had one in particular in mind, and got the call today informing me of my first day!

While I am happy I was able to land a job the first try, I have tons of mixed feelings about all this. Up to this point I have really only worked 2 steady jobs, both being pretty much the same thing just different store names, and both were part time. This new job is factory work and is full time, both of which are a little scary to me but I am trying so hard to remember all the positives that come with this new opportunity. Anxiety, lack of self confidence, these are my biggest problems right now. For the first time in my life, as pathetic as this might sound, I will be making above minimum wage. I might actually be able to buy my own car in a few months! Thats a big deal AND I have been wanting a ferret so bad but my hubby has been saying no. He promised that if I can make it to my 90 day mark I can finally get one!! Most importantly though, I will actually be pulling my own weight financially, really contributing, which makes things like getting a new bed, a privacy fence or saving money in case something should happen to our house and needs repaired. More money is just a really good idea right now and this job will bring in more than I have ever had before!!

The only thing standing in my way now is....myself XD
My socially awkward, anxiety-prone, ridiculous self.
I really need to look into chill out pills....

So what does this mean for commissions?
I am not closing them down, however I really don't know how this new job is going to effect my art output. Its been pretty slow, dribbling out here and there since Christmas. It's like I mentioned in a previous entry, I have been kinda counting on the lack of time to kick-start the urgency to really pump this stuff out, but its all up in the air. Never worked a full time job, never worked a factory full time job. I have no idea what to expect. I know I said I was going to offer some new commission options soon, and I still want to do that, but its going to be put on hold as well.
Recently I have had a couple people keeping me busy with the theme inspired last name signs. I think I am currently commissioned to do 8 as of right now, with the interest of a couple more. This always seems to happen.....there must be some kind of time sensitive magnet out there that pulls people in for commissions when I don't have the time to do them, and then when I have loads of it no one is looking to buy. Isn't it ironic, don't cha think? =P

Commissions will remained PAUSED until further notice.
If you are interested in something and don't mind the wait, feel free to send me a message with your information and I will start a waiting list and contact you in the order that I receive them, possibly a month or two from now when the newness of this new schedule is more routine and comfortable. Gotta find my barrings to better budget my time.

Wish me luck!!

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: The GazettE
  • Eating: CAKE!!! -still dieting but SHHHH!



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Happy Birthday! :dance:
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Happy Birthday, I hope your day is fantastic
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Happy Burfday~ c:
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happy birthday :3
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You're welcome <3
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 :gollyglasses:  your gallery is simply wonderful !! Little Pixel Heart   keep up the great work! :tip-hat:
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Aww thank you so much <3 I am glad you like my work!
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Thank you for the fave! (: I was 100% sure I had already watched you... Apparently not. I've fixed that now :D
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Derp XD You are forgiven! Of course I am going to fave your stuff!!! Its beautiful!!!! <3
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