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What to say....well, I am a traditional artist, preferring watercolor pencils and wood burning. Sometimes I like to mix the two =) I am not the greatest but I have improved a lot over the years.

Aliehs Slade is my fursona, so you guessed it...I like to draw "animal people" =D

Art is something I enjoy very much, and what I consider to be my only real talent. I am painfully shy and have a bit of social anxiety when around large groups of people but I am always open and willing to make new acquaintances!

Aside from art, I greatly enjoy watching movies, anime, and listening to music.

Favorite Artist: :iconarphalia:…
(My greatest influence in the furry world and still favorite artist to this day.)

My Pyro God:…
(His pyrography is beyond exceptional.)

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Commission Update: PAUSED

Mon Jun 23, 2014, 11:06 AM
The day has finally come! I will be employed again =D

To make a long story short for those of you who think they missed something, since May of last year I was forced into a year of unemployment in exchange for buying our first house. Since this is now June (almost the end really) I have been able to apply at places, but had one in particular in mind, and got the call today informing me of my first day!

While I am happy I was able to land a job the first try, I have tons of mixed feelings about all this. Up to this point I have really only worked 2 steady jobs, both being pretty much the same thing just different store names, and both were part time. This new job is factory work and is full time, both of which are a little scary to me but I am trying so hard to remember all the positives that come with this new opportunity. Anxiety, lack of self confidence, these are my biggest problems right now. For the first time in my life, as pathetic as this might sound, I will be making above minimum wage. I might actually be able to buy my own car in a few months! Thats a big deal AND I have been wanting a ferret so bad but my hubby has been saying no. He promised that if I can make it to my 90 day mark I can finally get one!! Most importantly though, I will actually be pulling my own weight financially, really contributing, which makes things like getting a new bed, a privacy fence or saving money in case something should happen to our house and needs repaired. More money is just a really good idea right now and this job will bring in more than I have ever had before!!

The only thing standing in my way now is....myself XD
My socially awkward, anxiety-prone, ridiculous self.
I really need to look into chill out pills....

So what does this mean for commissions?
I am not closing them down, however I really don't know how this new job is going to effect my art output. Its been pretty slow, dribbling out here and there since Christmas. It's like I mentioned in a previous entry, I have been kinda counting on the lack of time to kick-start the urgency to really pump this stuff out, but its all up in the air. Never worked a full time job, never worked a factory full time job. I have no idea what to expect. I know I said I was going to offer some new commission options soon, and I still want to do that, but its going to be put on hold as well.
Recently I have had a couple people keeping me busy with the theme inspired last name signs. I think I am currently commissioned to do 8 as of right now, with the interest of a couple more. This always seems to happen.....there must be some kind of time sensitive magnet out there that pulls people in for commissions when I don't have the time to do them, and then when I have loads of it no one is looking to buy. Isn't it ironic, don't cha think? =P

Commissions will remained PAUSED until further notice.
If you are interested in something and don't mind the wait, feel free to send me a message with your information and I will start a waiting list and contact you in the order that I receive them, possibly a month or two from now when the newness of this new schedule is more routine and comfortable. Gotta find my barrings to better budget my time.

Wish me luck!!

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: The GazettE
  • Eating: CAKE!!! -still dieting but SHHHH!



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ElinLewis Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Student
Thanks for the fav!:D 
Aliehs Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
You're welcome <3
little-miss-woolf Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
 :gollyglasses:  your gallery is simply wonderful !! Little Pixel Heart   keep up the great work! :tip-hat:
Aliehs Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
Aww thank you so much <3 I am glad you like my work!
KenazArt Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the fave! (: I was 100% sure I had already watched you... Apparently not. I've fixed that now :D
Aliehs Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014
Derp XD You are forgiven! Of course I am going to fave your stuff!!! Its beautiful!!!! <3
KenazArt Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the watch, comment and fave! Your work is incredible! I'm so envious of artists that excel at realism, unfortunately, it's not my style. I really wish it was though! I also LOVE your use of watercolour pencils in pyro. I started dabbling with ink drawings in Nov 2013 and started burning this January, now I'm trying a little bit of coloured pencil work on the side of my pyro stuff. I've been wanting to try using colours in a few pieces (maybe subtly at first) but I'm not sure how to start of what mediums work best... Any advice for a newbie? (: Thanks again.
Aliehs Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
You are most welcome! I wish I had more time to view your gallery earlier but I will be remedying that after I send this =D

Thank you for the kind words! I don't think my work is all that realistic XD
And you know what? Thats ok =D
I put my own spin on things that makes up my own style, so theres absolutely nothing wrong with having your own way of doing things!

I honestly think your prior knowledge of inking greatly influenced your quick ability to produce such amazing burns!!! I tell people all the time who are unfamiliar with burning that if they dabbled in pen and ink or graphite work previously, pyrography will be something they will pick up fairly quickly because you can use almost all the same methods to create amazing pieces. You are obviously a quick study =D What got you into woodburning? I am certainly glad that you did =D

Color is so very tricky and is best to do in subtle ways or else it distracts from all the lovely burning you did! But if its subtle color you want, I would recommend watercolor pencils or just regular tubed watercolors. I'm always playing with new ideas and have even branched out to Gel pens a little, but I like watercolors because they are transparent enough to just lay on top of your burn and basically tint it =) I know other burners like to use oil pencils but I am not overly fond of the end result =/ Its too thick to me and covers up too much.

So really, anything that you can thin out to be transparent would work good, but even then you have to be careful with what you use. Warmer colors seem to work better and blend really well, whereas cool colors can sometimes bring the grain of the wood out....its really a lot of trial and error and sometimes even a bit of a gamble (which believe me....I have done and lost before =( ). If you use colored pencil just keep a light hand when using soft woods or you will get unwanted indentations. And if you choose to put a finish on it, I recommend at least 2-3 coats of a spray finish first before using a brush or else you will smear color all over the place and make a big mess!

I noticed you are also on Facebook (I liked ya =P ), you should really check out Woodburnings by Ken Potter on there. He is my absolute favorite pyrographer and he likes to use LOTS of color and various different mediums to get his colors. Hes got a very colorful personality and some of his subject matter may not be everyones cup of tea...but he is amazing =D If you like any of my work, you will LOVE his stuff =D

Gosh this got super wordy XD sorry about that!! I hope I have helped you out a little and given you even more encouragement to start experimenting with color! You have beautiful burns the way they are already, I am interested to see how you throw color into the mix =D Maybe we could even do a burning trade some time!! 
KenazArt Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The rose, dogs, wolves and a lot of the portraits are very realistic in my opinion, but I must agree, you definitely put your own flare on things! I love how creative you are with the burning, colour combinations and the furries have a charm of their own! (: I completely agree! As much as I love the ultra realism, and don't get me wrong, it is very impressive, I feel a lot of it lacks artistic character, and that's what I personally love about art.
Thank you! I agree, having a bit of drawing know-how definitely helps, but learning to burn is almost like learning to draw all over again. The tool takes a lot of getting used to. I spent about a week trying to do a small love heart that wasn't sqiggly haha. But yes! it has definitely helped me progress much faster having a little prior knowledge, it was just getting going that was the trouble! lol
Wellll.. (i'll try not to write an essay!)
I got diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos about 2 years ago, and have been going downhill since. I used to be very active, running, horse riding etc, but now I'm very limited to what I can do. I had also dropped out of college studying applied sciences, and was looking for a career choice. I could never work full time, so college seemed pretty worthless.. I also didn't have a clue what I wanted to do, and didn't fancy 'wasting time' in something I wasn't sure about.
Started going more downhill, till the point I was bed/house bound most of the time. My partners mum is very arty/crafty (has dabbled in a bit of everything) and she suggested pyrography after seeing my ink drawings that I had done to pass the time in bed. She got me the tool for my birthday, and here I am! lol I hadn't done any kind of arty things since I was 12 at school, but I have put in so many hours it's unreal, art just seems to have taken over my life now, which i love! lol I'm hoping to eventually start my own small business. So far, most of my pieces have been commissions and I've managed to make a little pocket money. (: I love being my own boss, it also fits really well with my health problems. I'd hate to let people down and constantly be off work, as random dislocations and other things are a part of EDS (currently recovering from a dislocated knee last week lol)
How about you? (:
Thank you sooo much for all the advice and info, it has really helped (: I think I will start with adding highlights with my white pencil and go from there... I don't have many artistic supplies yet so I think i'll invest in some watercolour pencils first.
Thank you for the like on facebook! I will check out Kens page (: are you on facebook?
Yeah.... sorrry... my reply was super long too. Probably longer than yours, so don't worry! :P
You really have helped so much! And I think that could be arranged.... (:
Aliehs Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014
I get close, but I still think most of my stuff posesses a kind of...I don't know...cartoonish vibe? I don't know XD I have never claimed to be an art expert and knowledgeable in all the fancy terms, I just try to make pretty things and have a lot of fun in the process =D
I agree completely with your comment about feeling like you have to learn how to draw all over again!! Manipulating the burner really is a challenge, as is working with what appears to be a surface that will only allow you to do straight lines =P The very first woodburning I ever did was a wolf(should be the very first burning in my woodburnings folder) and you can tell how I struggled with figuring out how to make curved likes because most of his fur is almost straight XD I added the dream catcher around him later when I was more comfortable with the burner but it was still quite the challenge =)  Out of curiosity, what type of burner are you using?
I really don't mind reading a long message! People tend to leave such short comments (I am not one to talk!) or no comments at all under art on a lot of the galleries I post to so I welcome the chance to have an actual conversation <3
Your story is very inspiring, I can't imagine how hard it was/is to adjust to such a life changing situation, but its nice to know something as positive as rediscovering your love for art came out of it =). I am very happy for your success and hope it keeps growing!! It definietely deserves to! I did a little journal feature to promote your gallery and shared your Facebook page with my friends (one of which really liked your work!) so hopefully even more people start seeing your lovely art and keep you busy =D It really feels good to be able to share your gift with others, knowing that something you love doing can bring such happiness to someone else....and get paid all at the same time! Its too bad the world doesn't run on positive energy or happiness, because if it did I am sure we would be very rich people =)
How did I get into burning?
It started 7 years ago, really doesn't feel like its been that long! I'm really not good at many things....mostly due to having hardly no self confidence/low self esteem/social anxities, but art was something that I was always recognized for in school and have always been passionate about. I've been drawing "animal people" since I was in 2nd grade XD And it was always a fox princess on a doorstep to a house LOL! It wasn't until High School that I even heard of furries and that there is a whole community out there full of them and began to really develop my style and love for these strange furry characters.
Anyways.....My Grandfather was the one that introduced me to burning =)
He is kind of a jack of all trades like your  partners mum =) He makes beautiful, wooden boxes and was looking for a way to decorate them. He heard about a pyrography class the local carving club was having, so he took it and has been burning ever since! The more burnings he did, the more curious I got and couldn't help but see the advantage in the realistic look burning fur could meld with my love for drawing furries. I have burned a lot of images from photographs, even other artists work, anything that I think looks like it would be fun or challenging or I might end up learning something new. But ultimately, I would like majority of my gallery to be filled with original art, from start to finish. You feel proud when you challenge yourself with a difficult subject, but it can't compare to the pride you feel in something thats completely original and all your own =)
Which is another thing that makes your work stand out all the more! A lot of the pyrographers you see just recreate things, taking an exsisting image and producing their versions of it. I am not looking down on them by any means! Make no mistake! Every burner has their own skills and their own ways of burning,  and no two burners burn alike! It is just very refreshing to see new things, fresh things, ORIGINAL art =) I am looking forward to seeing what you do with color, and I am glad my experimental knowledge has helped you =D If you ever need advice I am more than willing to try and help you out, but I think you already have a really good idea of where you are headed and I can't wait to see what comes next! <3
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